Maryland Cheese Guild

Homemade Cheese Contest — 2014 Winners!

All cheeses awarded by merit. More than one blue ribbon may be awarded per category.

Cows' Milk Fresh

Plain 1st Thomas Lopez  
2nd Lynn Stieber  
Savory/Garlic 1st Thomas Lopez Rosemary/Garlic (CHAMPION/BEST
2nd Linda Harris Basil/Garlic
3rd Lynn Stieber Rosemary/Garlic
3rd Lynn Stieber Garlic/Chive
3rd Dana Geddes Garlic/Chive
4th Kunni Biener Garlic/Chive
Savory/Other 1st Linda Harris Veggie
2nd Jerry Nelson Italian Herb
3rd Linda Harris Chives
4th Kunni Biener Basil
Sweet/Honey 1st Linda Harris Honey/Lime
1st Arielle Clark Honey/Vanilla Marscarpone
2nd Lynn Stieber Honey/Walnut
3rd Thomas Lopez Honey/Lemon
4th Kunni Biener Blueberry/Honey
Sweet/Other 1st Dana Geddes Port Wine/Fig
2nd Linda Harris Cherry/Almond
2nd Linda Harris Raspberry/Pecan
Dessert 1st Akmmaqsudul Alam Sesame
2nd Akmmaqsudul Alam Tangy
3rd Akmmaqsudul Alam
4th Akmmaqsudul Alam Pastry-style

Cows’ Milk Aged

Plain 1st Jerry Nelson Tomme
1st Jerry Nelson Stiltonesque

Goats' Milk Fresh

Plain 1st Barbara Clark  
2nd Kathy Lyons  
3rd Micki Palmer  
Savory 1st Kathy Lyons Sesame/Curry/
2nd Barbara Clark Dill
3rd Linda Harris Veggie
4th Micki Palmer Garlic/Chive
5th Laurie Gill Lemon/Dill
Sweet 1st Akmmaqsudul Alam Bon-Bon
1st Kathy Lyons Cranberry/Walnut
2nd Laurie Gill Black Cherry
3rd Micki Palmer Agave/Pecan

Goats' Milk Aged

Plain 1st Kathy Lyons Cheddar
2nd Laurie Gill Romano
3rd Kathy Lyons ZeigerKase
4th Laurie Gill Cheddar

Contest Categories:

  • Goat’s milk, plain fresh
  • Goat’s milk, flavored fresh
  • Goat’s milk, aged
  • Cow’s milk, plain fresh
  • Cow’s milk, flavored fresh
  • Cow’s milk, aged
  • Sheep’s milk
  • Other (mixed milk, low fat, etc)

Fresh cheeses must be made with pasteurized milk. Raw milk cheeses must be aged at least 60 days

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