Maryland Cheese Guild

Homemade Cheese Contest — 2013 Winners!

All cheeses awarded by merit. More than one blue ribbon may be awarded per category.

Cows’ Milk Cheese

Fresh – Plain: 1st Jerry Nelson Stracchino
2nd Linda Harris Farmer’s Cheese
Special Diet 1st Micki Palmer Low Fat/Low Salt
Fresh – Flavored: Savory 1st Jerry Nelson Neufchantel
w/ Herbs (CHAMPION)
1st Linda Harris Farmer’s Cheese
w/ Chives
2nd Kunni Biener Farmer’s Cheese
w/ Dill
3rd Kunni Biener Farmer’s Cheese
w/ Basil
4th Linda Harris Farmer’s Cheese
w/ Basil & Garlic
Fresh – Flavored: Sweet 1st Linda Harris Honey-Lime
2nd Micki Palmer Maple-Walnut
2nd Kunni Biener Honey
(made with vinegar)
Aged 1st Beth Richwine Feta
2nd Elise Cohen Cheshire Red
2nd Jerry Nelson Cambazola

Goat's Milk Cheese

Fresh – Plain 1st Kathy Lyons Chevre (CHAMPION)
2nd Laurel Gill Chevre
Fresh – Flavored 1st Kathy Lyons Chevre
w/ Rosemary & Lemon
2nd Laurel Gill Chevre w/ Roasted Hazelnut & Honey
Aged—Semi Firm 1st Kathy Lyons St. Maure
2nd Elise Cohen Chevre in Ash
Aged—Firm 1st Enzo Livia Cacciottina 
2nd Beth Richwine Drunken Goat
3rd Enzo Livia Smoked Goat
w/ Fig Jam

Contest Categories:

  • Goat’s milk, plain fresh
  • Goat’s milk, flavored fresh
  • Goat’s milk, aged
  • Cow’s milk, plain fresh
  • Cow’s milk, flavored fresh
  • Cow’s milk, aged
  • Sheep’s milk
  • Other (mixed milk, low fat, etc)

Fresh cheeses must be made with pasteurized milk. Raw milk cheeses must be aged at least 60 days

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