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Maryland Artisanal Cheese Contest

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The contest is open to Business Members of the Maryland Cheese Guild.

All cheese must be milk based.

Each entry must weigh a minimum of 12 ounces. Hard cheeses should be a single wedge/brick or small wheel. Soft cheeses should be in a clear, plastic container and may be cubed or formed as long as the total weight of the entry meets the minimum.

Entries may be shipped to the Guild Office or brought to the contest Saturday (9/17) by 8am.Shipments must arrive between September 10th and 14th. The Guild is not responsible for lost or damaged packages

There is no limit to the number of cheeses you may enter, but each cheese can only be entered once and no more than 2 cheeses from the same exhibitor can be entered in the same category.

There is a $10 fee for each entry. Fees are due upon receipt of the cheeses.

All cheeses must be labeled using the MDCG Commercial Contest Form. Download form.

The Chairman and Judges reserve the right to re-classify entries as needed.

Awards are determined by merit in comparison to a standard of excellence for each type of cheese

Contest Categories:

  1. Soft Cheese (unflavored)
    1. Unripened
    2. Ripened
    3. Bloomy Rind
    4. Feta
    5. Blue
  2. Firm Cheese (unflavored)
    1. Colby
    2. Jack
    3. Washed Rind
    4. Waxed
    5. Swiss-style
    6. Other Goat
    7. Other Cow
    8. Other Sheep or Mixed
  3. Cheddar (unflavored)
    1. Young (up to 12 months)
    2. Medium (12-24 months)
    3. Mature (over 24 months)
    4. Linen Wrapped
  4. Farmstead Cheese (made with milk from herds on the farm where the cheese is produced)
    1. Fresh, aged 0-60 Days (all milks)
    2. Cow's Milk, aged over 60 days
    3. Goat's Milk, aged over 60 days
    4. Sheep's, mixed or other milk, aged over 60 days
  5. Raw Milk Cheese (must be aged over 60 days)
    1. Cow's Milk
    2. Goat's Milk
    3. Sheep's or Mixed Milk
  6. Flavored Cheese
    1. Fresh (0-60 days) with Sweet Flavors added
    2. Fresh (0-60 days) with Savory Flavors added
    3. Soft-Ripened Cheese
    4. Washed Rind
    5. Cheddar
    6. Cow's Milk
    7. Goat's Milk
    8. Sheep's or Mixed Milk
    9. Farmstead
    10. Smoked
    11. Marinated
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